Walking and Talking In Our Sleep

Eli Ben-yehuda

Written by Eli Ben-yehuda

On April 15, 2019

It’s a well-known fact that relationships can have an impact on the quality of your sleep. Nevertheless, it’s a two-way street, and sleep can ultimately change the dynamic in your relationship. If you are worried about disturbing your partner with your sleep problems, or you want to help your significant other with his or her sleep-related issues, know that there are solutions and cures for every sleep disorder.

More and more people face sleep disorders caused by our lifestyle. In the digital era, we are surrounded by distractions that deeply impact the quality of our sleep, leading to problems in the relationship. If you are worried about talking or walking during your sleep or have issues with insomnia or snoring, you should consider applying our easy solutions for these increasingly common sleep disorders.

We all know that stress, unhealthy eating, and a sedentary lifestyle can lead to sleeping problems, but there is another major factor that influences our sleeping patterns.

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Anxiety is one of the main causes that lead to sleeping disorders or worsens the already present symptoms, and it should not be taken lightly. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, more than 40 million Americans are affected by sleep disorders, and anxiety is closely linked with these issues.
Anxiety and sleeping problems are directly linked, so one can cause the other, which means you might experience both disorders at the same time. If you feel that your sleeping patterns vary greatly from night to night, you don’t get enough sleep or experience an overall feeling of tiredness, you should definitely visit a specialist.

Stop Talking In Your Sleep

One of the most widely-spread and bothersome sleep issues that affect couples worldwide is sleep talking. Usually, the talker is not aware of this habit, and the one who suffers the most is the partner who sometimes can’t even get a few hours of sleep per night.

If you want to make sure you will not end up in a separate bedroom, you need to learn what causes this apparently inoffensive, but highly disturbing problem.

Stress and depression are the main causes of sleep talking, and they can aggravate the symptoms if left untreated. The easiest way to solve this problem, as no medication is available, is to talk about it to your physician and then set and respect fixed sleeping hours and avoid distractions such as TV, computers, or phones when you are ready to go to bed.

Fix The Sleep Walking

Sleepwalking might seem like a funny, easy to ignore the problem, but in fact, it can become dangerous for both the patient and their partner. Sleepwalkers are not usually aware of their nocturnal strolls which mean they can even hurt themselves or those around them, so this issue should be treated with responsibility.

The main way to prevent and reduce sleepwalking is by eliminating all stimuli prior to bedtime. We already know that technology keeps us up at night, but it also causes sleepwalking, so put your phone away from the nightstand and turn off your TV or computer before getting to bed.

A good thing to try is meditation, as only 10 minutes of breathing exercises will increase the quality of your sleep and reduce sleep disorders such as sleepwalking.

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Modern Technolgy Induced Sleeplesness

Insomnia is a disorder that afflicts millions of people, leading to serious health issues and deeply reducing the quality of life. Those afflicted lose appetite, experience constant fatigue and a slow decrease in their cognitive abilities, which makes insomnia one of the major sleep disorders we face today.

The rapidly increasing number of insomniacs has a simple major cause. Our technology addiction leads us to spend hours on our phones during the day, and even when we get to bed, a habit that seriously affects our sleep patterns.

When we have trouble falling asleep, we all reach for our phone for a quick distraction, but often end up spending hours browsing the internet, which leads to low-quality sleep. That doesn’t mean we are all insomniacs, but this unhealthy habit can eventually lead to insomnia.

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